Our Mission

Welcome to the GoodTheology project–a mission of ministry to seek, sow, and spread God’s kingdom of love here on Earth. We believe that Christians have a faithful obligation to carry forward the words we profess in the Lord’s Prayer—that we cannot wait for someone else to do later what God has already called us to do here and now—usher in the Kingdom of Heaven, here on Earth.

The GoodTheology project believes this is done through the application and repetition of not only large acts but more importantly through small acts. Small acts over and over create a behavior. Sustained behavior becomes the life you lead. And the life we lead become expansions of God’s kingdom here on Earth.

Discipleship is not told, it is practiced. And the path to a truly better world—to God’s Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth—is not achieved through words alone. It takes habitual enactment and the pursuit of seeking, sowing, and spreading small acts of faith. One splash of water on a rock may seem trivial but the world’s landscapes have forever been changed by thousands upon thousands of splashes—each wearing down even the most hardened materials.

The GoodTheology project does not believe in the necessity of singular small acts. We believe in the power and importance of habitual ones. The habitual small acts that become your life directly impacts the lives of everyone who meets you.

We volunteer to walk with you on that journey of doing those small acts, here and now.