Spiritual Practice Activity: Gratitude

Gratitude is more about liberation and joy than it is anything else. Liberation from anything that holds us back and joy for what we have.

Find a comfortable posture and close your eyes. Think of three things that you are grateful for today. Not things that you have overall, like your family, house, or food on your table that you could also be grateful for tomorrow. Things that happened today.

For example: grateful that your spouse made dinner today, to find that thing you lost under the couch, that you didn’t have to sit for hours of traffic to get home. Or, even if you did have to sit through hours of traffic to get home, grateful that you weren’t one of the unfortunate people who were in that accident on the highway. Or, if you were in that accident, that you’re still alive today.

There are small aspects of gratitude that you can focus on today and at any moment.

After you’ve come up with three things you’re grateful for today, think of one constant thing that you’re grateful for. Your life, your house, your friends; something that is more permanent in your life. Then, think of something that you used to have that you don’t anymore. A person, a pet, a job, a childhood, something that gave you something that you’re so grateful for.

The gift of gratitude is a humbling one because it reminds us that no matter what we demand of ourselves, others, and God, we’ve already received so much.

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