Spiritual Practice Activity: Noticing God

This exercise is based on this writing from Saint Ignatius:

“This is to reflect how God dwells in creatures: in the elements giving them existence, in the plants giving them life, in the animals conferring upon them sensation, in people bestowing understanding. So God dwells in us and gives us being, life, sensation, intelligence; and makes a temple of us, since we are created in the likeness and image of the Divine Majesty.”

Find a posture that is comfortable for you. Take time to notice God in all of the things around you. God is the giant conductor of existence, the orchestra leader for all that is and all that will be. Take time to not only notice the overtly Godly, but the things that seem ordinary, yet couldn’t be without the great I Am being part of it. Take time to focus on all of the many ways in which God shows up all around you.

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